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What is mokokobox?

mokokobox was created so that you can send the most perfectly personalised presents in the most beautiful box to the most special people. It all started when our founder struggled to find a company that could send branded gifts in a beautiful box to her friends during the coronavirus lockdown. So she ended up doing it herself!

What makes you different from other gift box companies?

Not only do we provide personalised products based on our unique quiz, but they are also all from big brands and names that you'd love at an affordable price. Burberry, Yankee Candle, Nars, Lindor, Mac... and if there are any brands you or the receiver don't like, just let us know and we'll make sure we don't include them.


How much are your boxes?

Our boxes come in three different options - the mini-mokoko (£25), the medium-mokoko (£35) and the mega-mokoko (£50). Each isn't different in size, however, they will include more expensive products from bigger names and brands. Postage and our beautiful packaging are charged separately, and there's the option for extras such as a card, a badge or confetti just before checkout.

How long will it take you to let me know what you’ve chosen?

After you completed the Mokokoquiz, you will receive your boxes contents within 24 hours. *PLEASE NOTE - THERE WILL BE A DELAY DURING THE CHRISTMAS PERIOD.


What if I don’t like what you’ve chosen?

Don’t worry – you can swap out a maximum of two items. Just let us know why, and we’ll pop in some alternatives.


What happens if I want to give it to the person myself?

Just pop your address into the field and we’ll get it sent to you


How long will it then take to ship it?

Once you’ve confirmed you're happy with your box or made your switches, we’ll then get the Mokokobox on its way. We use Royal Mail Signed For 2nd Class which can take up to three days. If you’d like quicker delivery, please select ‘Speedy Delivery’ in the 'Any extras?' question on the mokokoquiz. If you didn’t do this and would like faster postal service, please contact the team on Please remember that we can only ship to a UK address.


How long is the whole process from the quiz until they receive it?

After you completed the Mokokoquiz, you will receive your boxes contents.


You then have 24 hours to tell us if you’d like to change anything. If you don’t want to change anything, please reply as soon as you can and we’ll get it shipped right away.


If you do, please still let us know as soon as you can, we’ll make the changes, then get it shipped off.


We use Royal Mail Second Class Signed For which aims to deliver within 3 days (unless you selected Speedy Postage as an add on).


If you’re running on a tight schedule and didn’t select the speedy add on, please contact the team on who will help sort this for you.


Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, at this moment in time, we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges unless an item is damaged en route. However, if there’s anything wrong with you Mokokobox or if you have any concerns about it, please make sure to contact the team on as soon as you can. They’ll make sure they do everything they can to make it right for you.


What is a mohohobox?

Just a special Christmas version of a mokokobox!

How much are your mohohoboxes?

Our boxes come in four different options - the mini christmas mohoho (£40), the medium christmas mokoko (£60) and the mega christmas mohoho (£80) and the extra mega christmas mohoho (£120). Each isn't different in size, however, they will include more expensive products from bigger names and brands. All postage and our beautiful packaging is free.

Do I have to do the quiz to get a mohohobox?

Only if you want it super personalised! Otherwise, just select the option our Christmas mohohobox page - there's still the option to type in what you want us to know about their likes and dislikes.

How long will it take for the box to be shipped?

Due to the festive season being slightly busy than usual, we aim to get all mohohoboxes out within 10 working days. If you need it to arrive sooner, later (near Christmas) or by a specfic date, please get in touch and tell us at Please remember that we can only ship to a UK address.

What are your Black Friday offers?

This Black Friday weekend, we're offering £5 off every mohohobox, 10% off every regular mokokobox (with code) and a free card with every mohohobox order!

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