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To save you from heading into the cold to do your Christmas shopping, we've created the brand new chrimbo mohohobox collection

These are a little different to normal mokokoboxes - you can still take the quiz to order, however, we know time is precious at this time of year, so we've created the option to order mystery boxes.


Simply choose your price range (you still have the option to tell us what they like and dislike) and we'll sort the rest!


Ordering a mokokobox for a loved one this year, but feeling a little jealous? Don't worry, for every box you buy you'll get an entry into our New Year's raffle, where we'll be giving away a free mokokobox to one lucky winner.


Plus, if you're buying a medium you'll get two entries, a mega you'll get three, and with an extra mega, you'll get five!

Make sure to contact us at hello@mokokobox for any bespoke box enquiries.

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